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Then Eric and I were called to a separate room in the practice studio. When the director asked, ‘Did you guys go to noraebang yesterday with girls? So I told him they were some dongsengs that I know and he asid, ‘You guys don’t even deserve to practice so give up and leave after packing all your belongings.’ Feeling depressed, I answered, ‘Yes’ and came out but felt bad when I saw the members still standing with their heads touching the ground.”“I was packing up in the dorm and Eric asked me, ‘Hey, do you want to go to America?’ I answered, ‘Yes.’ He didn’t know that the girls were S. ’ So I started packing excitedly with the thought of going to America but then I heard the members’ footsteps. Andy said, ‘Hyung, you don’t have to leave.’ It turned out the agency was just trying to scare us," said Lee Min Woo.

A decade has passed since Hathaway’s charming break-through performance in The Princess Diaries.” Eric then casually replied, “Well, I had a lot of girlfriends,” which caused everyone to laugh.Fellow Shinhwa member Hyesung added, “During that time, it was very shocking for an idol to reveal that they were dating.” MC Yoo Se Yoon added, “I was heading towards my office after drinking one night and saw a car stopping.Lee Min Woo started, “This happened when I was a trainee.We were not allowed to go out when we were living in the dorm.