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Whether you prefer a large and extravagant ceremony or a quiet and intimate service, our hotels can accommodate any wish you desire.Originally built in 1852, the landmark Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa is located in Mobile's revitalized downtown, situated near the riverfront and Arthur R.

AMELIA was probably named for the wife of the first postmaster. However, an 1854 gazetteer by John Hayward has: Sam Jones, a famous Mikasuki chief, went by the name of Aripeka or Arpeika.The beach is so long that these details probably vary.The 'canteen' is now a solid two-storey building that styles itself as 'restaurant', though it's still pleasingly ramshackle and cheap. The name was conferred on the town because “in the contest for supremacy its warriors heaped up a pile of scalps, covering the base of the war-pole.” The United States Post-Office Guide for 1904, p. According to another view, the Abihka were an ancient Muskhogean tribe residing in the Talladega Valley of Alabama, who received their name because of the singular manner in which they expressed assent or approbation. Another name that the Prophet bore was Hilis Hadjo, “Crazy Medicine,” from Creek hilis, “medicine,” and hajo, “crazy.” The name Aripeka is possibly corrupted from Creek Abihka, “pile at the base,” “heap at the root,” an ancient Creek town near the upper Coosa River.