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To assist the user in finding Adult Check sites to his liking, Cybernet provides both a series of links as well as a search engine. Cybernet takes an active interest in the content of Adult Check sites, employing a staff of 12 to review the site both before it is admitted to the Adult Check family, and periodically thereafter.The content of the site is reviewed by Cybernet to prevent the inclusion of prohibited images.Court issues preliminary injunction against Cybernet Ventures, which operates an Age Verification Service, based on the use by web sites operated by third parties of various images in which plaintiff held the copyright, or featuring a model who had assigned her right of publicity to plaintiff.Cybernet Ventures operates the Age Verification Service "Adult Check." Participating web sites put a script on their site which direct first time users to Cybernet, who sells them access to the Adult Check family of sites. Unauthorized internet reseller of plaintiff’s products is not guilty of trademark infringement, and does not cause actionable initial interest confusion, by using plaintiff’s trademarks in meta tags of website at which plaintiff’s and its competitors’ products are sold, and in... Section 230, immunizes operator of online adult dating service from claims arising out of a user’s false statement in her user-profile that she was over 18.

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As a result, minors have been able to find their way onto sites that were intended for adults. After chatting online through Sex, the two decided to schedule a sexual encounter.

In some cases, they have become the victims of child predators whom they met online. The meeting went as planned, and the two engaged in consensual sexual relations.

Governments and legislators are looking at age verification as a way to protect minors from inappropriate contacts on the Internet.

This article explores some of the issues raised by age verification and looks at the status of laws and government enforcement actions that focus on keeping minors out of sites that are not intended for them, or not prepared to handle them.