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Me: Um, Charles, I was actually heading home to Githurai so maybe you could do me a favor and cancel your ride then request another one? A certain kind of sharpness and metallic substance that is used to throwing orders around. Students, lawyers, doctors, business folks, and they all talk the same. And students can be irritating especially when they travel in groups and are collectively drunk as sailors. This is a database, created by the Judiciary, that will hold the record of all convicted sexual offenders, including their names, identification card numbers, the crime committed and the age of their victim.This kind of database is unprecedented in Kenya and has long been needed as the key mechanism for tracking sex offenders and ensuring they do not repeat these offences. Payments will be via cash, MPESA, debit cards, credit cards and bank transfer. It has been announced that the service will have a live fare feature that allows customers to see their bill as the trip is progressing.It will also apparently be available on Windows, i OS and USSD. Also, the drivers app is zero rated by Safaricom and drivers will not need to buy data.

After a series of test runs, finally the student can smile all the way to quality knowledge and good grades.

The story went viral immediately after Charles published it on his facebook page, attracting movie directors and media stations seeking to feature the author.

Read the story below and enjoy the sensation I have just dropped a young lady off at “The Hood” when the request comes through.

Shupavu 291 enables students to take quizzes, search subjects and topics to study as well as access of wikipedia summaries without requiring any internet connection.

With the service, teachers and parents can check reports on individual student performance and school performance via SMS.