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Picture here and below: Vera Salnitskaya The ancient cubs, called Uyan and Dina, the best-preserved ever seen of this long-gone species, are a 'sensational' find, according to scientists who normally choose their adjectives with studied caution.

They were displayed on giant slabs of ice, the size of plump domestic cats.

The 2007 Europakonzert's program highlighted works by Wagner and Brahms dating from the orchestra's early years.

The first piece on the program, the prelude to Wagner's opera Parsifal, was premiered at the Bayreuth Festival in 1882, the year of the orchestra's founding.

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Professor Julian Murton, a geologist at the University of Sussex, has just returned from a trip to the crater to study its cliffs, which provide a new source of geological information that potentially dates back some 200,000 years.

This includes the last time that the Earth was warmer than it is now, when hippopotamuses and elephants wandered around the future Trafalgar Square.

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