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Colombian Women There are absolute heart breakers walking down the street everywhere you go.You can down to the shopping malls and have a good time just watching them pass by. They’re also obsessed by the tele-novela culture and often want to eat up all your time.In the world of Colombian dating, bad Spanish does not serve as much of an aphrodisiac.Winning someone’s affections requires you to be charming, funny, complimentary and smooth – none of which is possible if you’re stuttering away in heavily-accented Spanglish.There are plenty of exceptions of course but as a rule of thumb it’s fairly true.You get the feeling that men never really grow up here.Catholicism doesn’t get in the way too much of having a good time in Colombia .It’s a modern country and full of life though it’s traditional to get to know someone gradually.

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Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Colombia WARNING: Drug trafficking violence is a risk in Colombia, please read this travel warning before going!

Dating is often done in the presence of a chaperone for conservative families, but this is changing, especially in the cities.

Civil ceremonies are becoming more common, but the Catholic Church is such an important aspect of the culture many weddings still take place in a church (although it can be very expensive).

Your Guide to Colombia: ● Colombia Page ● Culture & Identity - Food, Dining, & Drinks - Ethnicity, Language, & Religion - Relationships, Marriage, & Family - Social Life - Architecture ● History ● Geography, Weather, & Wildlife ● Blogs However, the celebration truly beings at the reception and dance after the formal ceremony.