Chelsea dating louie

Most of the die-hard fans of the popular American drama series on the FX, ‘Louie’ know quite well that it took the Louis’ fictionalized version of himself five seasons to win the heart of the on-screen Pamela.Louie is a black comedy which is filled with lot of awkward moments, depression and failed relationships.Video: But due to a number of conflicts and misunderstanding, the couple ended their married life.

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Sophie has fashion in her genes given that her great grandmother founded Mustang Jeans and is said to be extremely style conscious.Recently, Chelsea wished Austen a “happy birthday” online and said, “Happy 30th to this dimpled dime piece, @krollthewarriorking Love you and your big heart #Indecisive Geminis.” But, we will have to wait and see on the reunion if they are an official couple or if they’ve decided to just be friends.When Meissner came on the scene this season, Cameran Eubanks had it in her mind that she was going to get Meissner together with co-star Shep Rose.Louie is straight and he is addicted to playing basketball.He was also a part of a local team during his high school and at the very time, he met his sweetheart with whom he married later.