Book lovers dating service

But, you say, you already know the humans at the local dog park, and while you’ve finally managed to remember some of their names (not just their dogs’ names) and have even set up some doggie play dates, not a person among them is anyone youwould date. You’ve realized that if someone’s not a dog person, they are simply not romantic material.

The last person you were with couldn’t deal with dog hair on the furniture or your pup’s cold nose thrust under the covers to remind everyone that it was time for his A. Never fear: creative singles services and modern technology are making it possible for you to meet other dog lovers outside the scope of your daily neighbourhood jaunts.

As well as having over 1.5 million books – 300,000 of which are exclusive to Kindle – to choose from, the Kindle app lets you read your favorite newspapers and magazines in high-resolution color — making it a one-stop shop for all your reading needs.

Quickly and easily scan through books to find a particular topic or character to explore, instantly get definitions for words and write notes as you go.

(There’s even a dating site for Star Trek fans.)For passionate readers, a shared interest in literature is as key to their hunt for a mate as looks and location.“Readers are romantic by nature,” says Matt Sherman, who created the site with friend Matt Masina.

“Readers like fantasy, the idea of being taken away. , but out there in the real world, it can oftentimes be difficult to find someone who’s even stepped foot in a bookstore,” the website reads. Sherman handles the techy part while Masina is responsible for marketing.

One 23-year-old member of from Ames, Ia., who goes by the name “bibliovore” places by Anais Nin. You get a succinct idea of the person’s intelligence, sense of humour and interests, says Sherman.

Enjoy browsing personalized recommendations based on previous reads and favorite genres, collating a list of tomes to read using the barcode scanner and taking advantage of the 2,000 completely free public domain books available.I like being around people; l like meeting them and being a part of real live communication.What I really like is to smile and see someone else smiling too, and no emoji can replace that.Not if you enlist the help of that four-legged canine cupid bouncing around your feet.That’s right: your dog, in addition to being your very best friend, may also be your best asset on the “ruff” and rocky road to romance.