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Many of us do not like moving our mouse to read the new Twitter posts from the followed persons when busy with other workarounds.But Twitter Timeline has not have such an auto refresh feature.Twitter Gadget is a full-featured client for, designed to submit and view status updates via your favorite homepage service, Chrome apps, or directly in any browser. Despite its compact design, Twitter Gadget packs more features into a smaller amount of space than any other web-client available. Whenever I open my twitter application, it always auto refreshes the timeline feed.If I haven't checked it in a while, it automatically goes to the top of my feed.

Other apps do not offer this personalization and are more bland.Echofon for Windows, A Twitter Desktop Client Greasemonkey Script Twitter auto-refresh for Firefox automatically refreshes Twitter homepage for every X seconds.This script postpones refreshing when user is typing after each update.It always takes me to the favstar app, when you should be able to click likes and see who has liked your tweet.This is absolutely a feature rich Twitter app that has incredible voiceover support.